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Feedback from past students

We had some amazing feedback from last years tours and trips and we wanted to share it with you which may help you to make a decision to get involved and join one of our up and coming trips, or even get involved on the planning team!


BMAP has provided me much needed opportunities to fo out of my comfort zone. I made wonderful memories with new friends. I was grateful that I had a chance to give something back to the National Park by volunteering

Veronika Xaveria


BMAP gave me an unforgettable and worthwhile experience. I've learned to develop my leadership and

interpersonal skills. As a result, I made tons of new friends and got the opportunity to be a part of the Grampians


Ivan Tay


Cape Otway Cultural Exploration was truly the highlight of my 2 years in Australia. I had the chance to not only learn more about my peers but also know Australia

better in a meaningful way. The lasting impact it has makes my heart sing every time I look back on these memories.

Linh Ngo


BMAP is the perfect place to make new friends and learn about different cultures that the world has on offer. The best part of the Cape Otway trip was being able to connect with people and build memories that will last a lifetime. BOTH international and domestic students should come on board to learn about themselves and each other

Thomas Nguyen


I joined BMAP to use it as an excuse for outing trips during the summer break. But after realising how wonderfully the cultural knowledge, the friends I made and the activities we shared have shaped my overall experience as an international student. I am ecstatic to be a part of BMAP.

Divyam Gandhakwala


I would like to say that this experience

improved my self-esteem and well-being! I made new friends and could learn

more about Victoria in a typical Australian

camp’s experience.

Maria Gariela Queiroz


Cape Otway trip provided me an opportunity to experience surfing and learn about indigenous culture in

depth. Every activity was well organised and I gained new knowledge every time.

It was definitely one of the best experiences I had so far in Australia and the best way to meet new people as well as know about Australia more.

Minako Seki


I love traveling and spending time with friends doing activities. However, it is extremely difficult when you are study

abroad and feeling pressure from your

university, volunteering, and work. BMAP turned all the stress I had to enjoyment with amazing activities and informative

workshops. It is a perfect opportunity for

international students.

Maybelle Nguyen



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