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Let us tell you about Mornington Peninsula

Within just one day, we traveled to 5 destinations at Mornington Peninsula, from exploring the stunning beach view at Cape Schanck Lighthouse to going on a cultural immersion tour around Willum Warrain Aboriginal Cultural Centre. Our trip wrapped up with a beautiful sunset at the Chapman Points Lookout with some spectacular photos that showcase the perfect combination of clear sky, mellow sunset, and us.

Interested to know how our ‘little escape’ from the hustles and bustles turned into some great memories? Keep reading…

Getting there!

Mornington Peninsula, just 1-hour drive away from Melbourne, is a wonderful destination for all ages. If you’re looking for a short escape from the city bustle to reconnect with your values and inner self, here is the place.

First stop – Willum Warrain Aboriginal Cultural Centre.

Have you ever explored Aboriginal culture and language? Ever heard of ‘bush nursery’ – or even better – practiced it? The hardest part? - Moving a plant without damaging its roots. The little ones need extra care – which taught us about caring and appreciating our nature friends as we share the same living atmosphere. We acknowledged that every plant has its own dreaming – in Aboriginal culture – and learned how to speak and understand them with our inner voice.

While going on a cultural immersion tour, we learned how to communicate with nature and connect with the surroundings. Their storytelling led us through a culture-immersed journey of family, friendship, and a close connection with their ancestors and surrounding habitats.

Mornington surely favoured us with the stunning views – beautiful open fields along the roads or majestic beaches with shorelines running towards the skyline.

Dylene is the ‘youngest’ member of the group – as we all agreed! She participated as a recent university student, not a senior teacher. Despite her surgery, Dylene decided to join the trip, merely, to make friends and learn new things.

“This is a learning opportunity to better grasp and retain concepts through learning and doing - actual volunteering work, transplanting and involvement in cultural food preparation,”

“The trip promotes engagement levels, build confidence, teamwork, create connections and establish new relationships and gaining set of new friends.”

Dylene also shared that one of the trip highlights was we had the chance to expose ourselves to the world outside our own. In our daily busy life, sometimes, we forget to look around and embrace people and things around us. When you pause for a while and enjoy the moment, you will see, feel, and hear much more.

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