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Beyond Melbourne: Unforgettable Multi-Day Tours for International Students in Victoria

As an international student studying in Melbourne, you have the opportunity to explore the captivating wonders of Victoria beyond the bustling city limits. Beyond Melbourne offers an array of unforgettable multi-day tours designed specifically for students like you, seeking to experience the best that the broader Melbourne region has to offer.

"Traveling around Victoria with Beyond Melbourne was an amazing experience. I enjoyed meeting new friends, had fun in new outdoor activities and learnt more about the Australian culture" - Angelica Vargas

Our multi-day tours provide the perfect escape from the academic routine, allowing you to immerse yourself in the natural beauty and cultural diversity of Victoria. Whether you crave an adventure in the great outdoors or a journey through history and heritage, we have the ideal itinerary to suit your interests.

During our multi-day tours, you'll have the opportunity to engage in a variety of nature-based and outdoor activities that will leave you in awe.

"Don’t think twice about attending! It’s a whole new experience. You’ll meet so many different people and make new friends. Discounted prices are also a huge bonus. Also, the team is wonderful! They’re very accommodating and helpful." - Hualin Trisha Chang

Picture yourself hiking through lush forests, where towering ferns create a captivating green canopy overhead. Keep an eye out for native wildlife like colourful parrots, curious koalas, and playful kangaroos that call these forests home.

Capture breathtaking moments as you stand atop stunning coastal cliffs, overlooking the wild Southern Ocean and witnessing the power of the crashing waves.


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